STK-L03DV MDM claro "Chile Country" remove Ok!

Initializing.. Check If Phone is Connected.. Comunicating.. Model : STK-LX3 Name : STK-L03DV Brand : HUAWEI Manufacturer : HUAWEI Baseband : 21C20B388S000C000 State : ABSENT Hardware : kirin710 Serial : FKTVB20304002881 Cpu : arm64-v8a Uploading logic Kirin Chipset: Sending Preloader…OK Sending IDloader…OK Detecting flash type…OK Flashtype: NAND Sending… Read more

Ufst damaged?

Box: 1 Location: XXX:o338 Serial: TMA1X2XXX33 UFST Boot v1.2 (c)SarasSoft 2012, Id: 54 4D 1 0 UFST Core v1.3 (c)SarasSoft 2013, Sn: 12277061 BOX: CORRUPTED or MANIPULATED Connecting to Update Server: Ok BOOT: TM UFST Boot v1.2 (c)SarasSoft 2012 LocalSet: Ok Firmware: Ok Fatal SECURITY Error, Need Repair Box, Contact Distributor

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