K500MM failed during unlock process

Hi guys, this process failed. Please refund the attempt. user: dombronx TIA Selected USB connection type Work ID: 00000000002E387E Checking data…OK Platform: LG MTK Selected port: COM28 Selected baudrate: 921600 Selected model: K500MM Please, disconnect cable, power phone OFF, connect P999 cable (with 910k resistor) or Power OFF phone, press and hold "Vol+" for 10 …

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SM-N975F imei repair failed

Hi team, the repair doesn’t work : Platform: Samsung Android Selected port: COM5 Selected model: SM-N975F Operation: Repair IMEI A Detected phone model: SM-N975F Firmware compiled date: Fri Aug 9 16:17:48 KST 2019 PDA version: N975FXXU1ASH5 CSC version: N975FOXM1ASH5 SW version: N975FXXU1ASH5 Build number: QB13587367 Phone SN: RF8M70CRXLN Android version: 9 (PPR1.180610.011) Sales code: XEF …

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