a505f u5 patching error

Patch certificate started
Gathering phone info…
Collecting information. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!
Model: SM-A505F
Carrier ID: XSG Sales Code: XXV
Country Code: VIETNAM
Timezone: Asia/Karachi
Android Version: 10 [QP1A.190711.020] [SDK 29]
Build Date: Mon Apr 27 13:21:20 KST 2020
PDA Version: A505FDDU5BTE1 [may 2020, rev1]
Phone Version: A505FXXU5BTE1 [may 2020, rev1]
CSC Version: A505FOLM5BTE1 [may 2020, rev1]
Board Platform: UNIVERSAL9610
Modem Platform: SHANNON337
Serial Number: R58M50M3PMF
Imei: 35312008:p
Imei2: 353121:confused:
Network Type: GSM
Multisim Config: DSDS
Knox Version: v30
Warranty Bit: 1
Security Patch: 2020-05-01
Checking root access.
The phone is rooted by: 3.19:EFTSU
Reading data…
Use stock firmware.
Finished at local time: [01.13.21 16:40:28]
WorkID: 121890426
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