A6 Fake AMOLED touch problem

Hey, guys! I shattered my Galaxy A600FN’s screen and bought a cheap fake LCD one from AliExpress about a year ago. It’s thicker and has uglier colors than the original but it worked fine when I installed it.

However, after I downloaded an OTA update for Android 10, my touch screen stopped working.

I want to install a custom ROM to fix it but my KG state is Prenormal and it says "Only Official Released Binaries Are Allowed To Be Flashed" when I try to install TWRP. The OEM unlock toggle is visible and I have enabled it but RMM/KG state is prenormal and has been for MONTHS!

I have tried waiting 7 days, I have waited for months even, it doesn’t go away. I tried different methods and tools but nothing has worked so far…

What can I do? Any help is appreciated!

P.S. I can control the phone with an USB OTG mouse
P.S.2. I’m 100% sure it’s a software issue because I had another A6 with the same fake screen and I fixed it with a custom ROM but it didn’t have the ‘Prenormal’ state.

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