ANE-LX1 Device failed verification – important Data!

Hi Guys,

can this problem be solved with Chimera? Device came in from customer, I dont know what he did with it.

It says "Device failed verification"

Customer needs his data.

Device Model: ANE-LX1
Current software version: ANE-LX1
Hardware version: Ver2.3
Boot info: locked
Image check: secure image verify fail
Android version: 9
System version: ANE-LX1
Battery state: 4316mv
Key version: huawei_key_v1
Root info: SAFE
Rescue version: rescue0.6
Phone info: (bootloader) main version do not exist in oeminfo!
VendorCountry: hw/eu
Base version: ANE-LGRP2-OVS
Cust version: ANE-LX1-CUST
Preload version: ANE-LX1-PRELOAD

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