Apple reiterates its optimism about the potential of AR

Apple reiterates its optimism about the potential of AR

Mike Rockwell, head of Apple’s augmented reality and virtual reality program, said in an interview with CNET recently that AR has “huge potential” in both “existing devices” and “devices that may exist in the future”

Rockwell said: "AR has great potential to help people’s lives in the devices that exist today and those that may exist in the future, but we must ensure that it succeeds." "For us, the best way is to enable Our device ecosystem so that it becomes a place where people invest their time and energy."

There are rumors that Apple will develop AR/VR headsets and glasses at the same time, but it is not expected to be released before 2022 at the earliest. In recent years, Tim Cook has repeatedly expressed optimism about the prospects of AR.

Allessandra McGinnis, Apple’s senior product manager in charge of AR, added: “We will work with the blind and low-vision communities, especially to improve the detection of people.”

The media said that the entire interview sounded like another warm-up for "Apple Glasses."

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