Apple Watch S3 38mm error

[info] Using LOCAL IPSW C:MFC_Watch3,1_7.3_18S801_n111sap_GPS_Cellular_Re store_38mm.ipsw
[info] using cached version data
[info] Found device in DFU mode
[info] Gettting dfu mode device …
[info] Identified device as Apple Watch S3, n111sap, Watch3,1
[info] Extracting BuildManifest from ipsw
[data] Product Version: 7.3
[data] Product Build: 18S801 Major: 18
[data] Device supports Image4: true
[info] Variant: Customer Erase Install (IPSW)
[info] This restore will erase your device data.
[info] Checking IPSW for required components…
[info] All required components found in IPSW
[info] Found ECID 000a324e20066f26
[info] Getting ApNonce in dfu mode… [data] 1BAB383E1658BF7AFF1FAC80FD2C55928D7710DDBDC4F7D20C 6139E16E63985C
[info] tts>Trying to fetch new SHSH blob
[info] Getting SepNonce in dfu mode… [data] C11CA0B77BF4A9458B30ADACDA95E11B76B3A366
[note] Unable to find BbCalibrationManifestKeyHash node
[note] Unable to find BbFactoryActivationManifestKeyHash node
[note] Unable to find BbSkeyId node
[info] Request URL set to
[info] Sending TSS request attempt 1…
[info] response successfully received
[info] tts>Received SHSH blobs
Filesystem file not found!
We will extract the filesystem to file iDeviceTools/MFC_Watch3,1_7.3_18S801_n111sap_GPS_Cellular_Resto re_38mm/038-95706-058.dmg
[info] Extracting filesystem
[erro] Device is in an invalid state
[erro] Unable to find device ECID
[done] Operation finished!

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