Be aware from this cheater


With too much regrets and too much anger i write this post !

I am Wajih Owner of Code-GSM, i have many customers and many sellers that i am dealing with.

From about two days, i have been contacted by one of my customers that he formatted his computer and he changed his hard drive (HE WAS ON WINDOWS 7).

He wanted to reactivate his licence.

So he contacted me.

I tried to contact my reseller and he said to me that he don’t deal anymore with "" with this number +573046501469 for problems similar to mine.

I have tried to contact him directly, and he didn’t stop saying to read the rules before to format the computer (the tutorial that he wrote was for WINDOWS 10).

All other ones are giving access to restore access to licences.

I have spent my money for nothing.

THIS MAN DON’T know how to deal with peoples and he thinks just about himself and not how to make RIGHT BUSINESS and FAIR BUSINESS.

So i write this post to aware everyone about him.

I had screenshots about all our discussion, i will post them if necessary.


My customer blocked now and he paid his money to get blocked.

Don’t work with him, apparently he has no solution to recover your access in case you lost it.

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