Credits lost after network error

Hello I was trying to unlock a blackberry Q10 and there was a network error while attempting to download the necessary files and it deducted the 65 credits of the job but it did not restored them. First time it happens.

Now it says I have not enough credits to try the unlock once more.

My Chimera account is: zedd71

Can you please refund them so I can finish the job???


Chimera Mobile Phone Utility version: 27.59.1025 @ 2021-02-22
Printing phone history

Network Factory Reset

Network Factory Reset started.
Phone is in loader mode
Updating software.
Phone is in loader mode
Connected to loader
Querying meminfo
Downloading files
Network error: 201
Finished at local time: [02.22.21 14:20:59]
WorkID: 125819669

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