Does M1 Mac support Windows? Depends on Microsoft

Does M1 Mac support Windows? Depends on Microsoft

Media Ars Technica interviewed Craig Federighi, head of Apple software engineering, Johny Srouji, head of hardware technology, and Greg Joswiak, vice president of marketing.

In the interview, Apple executives talked about M1 Mac’s support for Windows. Currently, M1 Mac does not support Windows, because there is no Boot Camp function like Intel Mac, but support for Windows is what many people want to see.

Federighi stated that Windows support on the M1 Mac is "as determined by Microsoft." The new Mac has the core technology needed to support (Windows), but Microsoft must decide whether to license the ARM-based version of Windows to Mac users.

Federighi also hinted that using Windows in the cloud might be a solution in the future. He emphasized the CrossOver application, which can use Rosetta 2 to run x86-based Windows applications on the M1 Mac.

The three also discussed the development of Apple Silicon chips, designing the performance of M1 and M1, unifying the memory architecture, running iOS applications and other issues.

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