eft 3.7.2 error Bypassing…..Error: Exception, Please be sure from

what is this problem
i try whout sim but Activation come back after few min

Preparing paths…..OK
Setting up…..OK
Checking iDevices…..OK
Reading iDevice info…..OK
Activation Status: Unactivated
CPU Arch: arm64
Device Class: iPhone
Device Name: iPhone
Firmware Version: iBoot-6723.62.3
Product Name: iPhone OS
Product Type: iPhone X Global
IOS Version: 14.3
SIM Status: kCTSIMSupportSIMStatusPINLocked
Device Serial Number: F2LVXVCCJCL7
MEID Status: Not Supported
Bypassing…..Error: Connection Exception, Please be sure from JailBreaking Your iDeviceFailed to get ActivationInfo from mobileactivation
Operation {Bypass iCloud at Hello Screen} ID: 870481DDE25FC808
Elapsed time 00:42 — Version 3.7.2

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