EMMC Training Lesson 1 – 30

Hello Friends,

Today i create Thread for Complete EMMC Training Lessons 1 to 30

1. Basics of smartphone internal functioning.
2. EMMC chip details e.g BGA169/153,
BGA162/186, BGA221, Android BGA 254
3. Finding lost tracks in PCB and repairing bad
health and dead EMMC.
4. Correct diagnosis & troubleshooting of EMMC
error and upgrading EMMC storage
5. Correct & effective usage of programming tools
like UFI, Easy JTAG Plus, MRT & UMT Pro
6. Data recovery from a dead smartphone
7. IC replacement, Reballing, Glue cleaning
8. Differentiating EMMC & hardware issues using
DC Power supply and Multi meter.
9. Display Graphic Section, Finger Print Section
10. PM IC Tracks Details, CPU IC Track Details

Video Credit goes to : Ankit Verma Profile link

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh_…zg5rDcNrQtYJUA


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