FRP failed , credits lost

Work ID: 0000000000A12568
Checking data…OK
Platform: LG Qualcomm
Selected port: COM9
Selected model: Q720QM
Please, put the phone into download mode manually (Power phone OFF (reconnect battery), press and hold "Vol+" button and connect the cable (or P999 cable)).
Reading info…
Model ID: LM-Q720CS
IMEI: 355691-10-*******
Android version: 9
Battery level: 58%
Mode: Emergency
Initializing flash…OK
Platform: msm8953
SW version: LMQ720CSAT-01-V10n-310-150-FEB-04-2020-ARB00+0
Android version: 9
LAF Version: 1.1
Product ID: VS02S191216000853
IMEI: 355691-10-*******-3
Target operator: LAO
Hardware: rev_10
Reading partitions…OK
Connecting to server…OK
Octopus smart card is present.
Checking smart card…OK
Username: roberto1
Checking balance…OK
Checking operation…OK
Sending device information…OK
Get credits, needed for current operation…OK
Your balance: 200 credits.
To perform "Reset FRP" operation you need to have 100 credits.
Backup saved to "Q720QM_355691********_23-02-2021_21-50-02.oct"
Reading partitions…OK
Prepairing for change protect status…
Reconnecting phone…
Please, perform the following steps:
1. Disconnect cable.
2. Power phone OFF and put it to Download mode.
3. Connect the cable then press "OK" button.
Note: If "Ok" button isn’t active, then You should reconnect device!
Performed by 3.1.0 Software version.
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