frp mate 10 pro bla-l09

Job ID: 0000000000AF9A43
2021-03-05 21:32:51 GMT ————————————————-
Starting Reset FRP (Factory Mode)
Selected phone model: ‪BLA-L09‬
Searching HUAWEI USB COM 1.0 port…
Detected ‪HUAWEI USB COM 1.0‬ port
Writing bootloader KIRIN970_A8.1_V0…
Initializing remote service connection…
Writing ‪XLOADER‬ partition…
Writing ‪UCE‬ partition…
Writing ‪FASTBOOT‬ partition…
Bootloader Update successfully
Rebooting to fastboot mode…
Searching Fastboot devices…
Found a fastboot device: GAB7N09058000235

Device Model: ‪BLA-L09‬
System: ‪System‬
MEID: ‪A000008C55DACD‬
IMEI A: ‪866218033598146‬
IMEI B: ‪866218033598146‬
S/N: ‪GAB7N09058000235‬
Writing FRP partition..

Reset FRP (Factory Mode) done.
Performed by ‪1.2.4‬ Software version.

but phone is not reset

phone have patern lock

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