FRP removal itel W6004

ACTION: Read Info.
Detecting phone, wait…
Phone must be off.
Connect usb cable without pressing any key.
Using connection mode 1
Detected: SPRD U2S Diag (COM17)
Platform Version MOCORTM_17C_ITEL_RLS2_W19.28.5_P4_DebugProject Version pike2_pubBASE Version FM_BASE_17C_ITEL_RLS2_W19.28.5_P4HW Version sc7731e_modem10-15-2019 121052
Build number: W6004-SP591-9.0-OP-V005-20191226
IMEI 1: 35330411
IMEI 2: 35330411
BT: ACFE0592704B
WIFI: ACFE0592704C

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