hcu xloader phone not found

New downgrade/customization limitations : UNLOCKED
2020-10-13 17:53:25.668 Connecting to server…
2020-10-13 17:53:25.949 Connected!
BOOTLOADER selected to update Kirin659_Hi6250_T0_A8 0_V2
Downloading bootloader…
Find device COM708, handle 11796
FILE TO download Kirin659_Hi6250_T0_A8 0_V2_3 dtwork
downloading file Kirin659_Hi6250_T0_A8 0_V2_3 dtwork…
FILE TO download Kirin659_Hi6250_T0_A8 0_V2_4 dtwork
downloading file Kirin659_Hi6250_T0_A8 0_V2_4 dtwork…
Bootloader write success!
Waiting for device REMOVAL/INSERTION…
Device ready!
Phone not found !

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