Hisense E30 Lite Firmware – Convert CM2SPD2 firmware backup to PAC file

Hi. Can somebody convert this firmware to PAC file.
NB: The file must be flashable in Research Tool.

The backup is made from from Chinese Miracle 2 SPD 2

Thanks in advance

Phone Information:
Hisense Infinity E30 Lite (HLTE102E) Firmware SPD

Display ID : Hisense_HLTE102E_S01.03
Ver. Incmt : Hisense_HLTE102E_S03
Ver. Release : 9
Product Model : Hisense Infinity E30 Lite
Product Brand : Hisense
Product Name : HLTE102E
Product Device : SC9832E
Product Manfct : Hisense
Product Info : HLTE102E
Product Board : sp9832e_fs277_32b
Board Platform : sp9832

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