File Type: jpg Cheater

জি এম হিমেল…&fref=mentions

Scam me before 1 year
any time i talk him till me i don’t work
I don’t have mony
Before last 3 months he
Again work in market
I talk him where my money till me wait wait wait and he sell gsmtool and dhru fusion
I take him gsmtool but after he buy to me script fake not original
I till him this fake he told me i will selling to other and i will give you your money
after all this
He send me icloud order after 1 device unlocked he send me money ok
But after 3 device unlocked he send money
To Skrill with writing massages
I talk him this money i don’t received
He told me your Skrill not working
He is scammers
445$ and 110$ to Gsm Hussein…394237725/?d=n

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