Huawei honor 9n(lld-al20) lock remove without data loss possible model not found .

eft team i have honor 9n lld-al20 model i want to remove lock without data loss, i don’t find this model in tool any other way to do it
Checking fastboot device…..OK
Reading info…..OK
Device Model: LLD-AL20
Device Firmware: :LLD-AL20
Base Firmware: :LLD-LGRP2-OVS
Custom Firmware: :LLD-AL20-CUST
Preload Firmware: :LLD-AL20-PRELOAD
Device FB Lock: LOCKED
Device USER Lock: LOCKED
Device Lock: locked
Operation {Read info} ID: CB36B4D175715688
Elapsed time 00:01 — Version 3.4.5

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