huawei stk-l21 frp bypass

i need phone version for software testpoint to bypass frp


SigmaKey 2.39.00 HiSi: Get device info
Bootloader unlocked: NO
FB unlocked: NO
Battery voltage: 3.66 V
Phone model: STK-L21
Build number: STK-L21MDV
Vendor/Country: hw/meafnaf
System version: Skipped
Android version: 9
Base version: STK-LGRP3-OVS
Custom version: STK-L21MDV-CUST
Preload version: STK-L21MDV-PRELOAD
Huawei-Over-the-Air info:
C_version: C185
D_version: D000
PLMN: 62001
BoardID: 7571
DeviceName: STK-L21MDV

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