Huawei Y5 2018 Reset FRP Just One Click With KING OCTPUS FRP TOOL

Welcome to Octoplus FRP Tool v.
Card S/N: 00008E9F
Work ID: 0000000000D95979
Platform: HUAWEI
Selected model: DRA-LX2
Please, power phone OFF, press and hold "Vol-" button and connect USB cable.
Searching for a phone. Please wait…
Found phone on COM86
Port name: MediaTek USB Port (COM86)
Detecting Chip Version…
HW Chip: MT6739: 0699.0000
HW Version: 8A00.CA00.0000.0000
Target Config: 00E3
Brom Version: 05
BootLoader Version: FE
Sending auth…
Sending Auth Data…
Target Config: 0x000000E3
Start Authentication…
Connecting to server..OK
Authentication done!
Searching Download Agent…
Selected DA: MTK_AllInOne_DA_v3.3001.2017/09/28.17:29, n.0
Sending Download Agent…
DA sent successfully
Initializing DA…
Synchronizing with DA…
Mobile Status: SYNC
Mobile Status: brom
Sending BootLoader Info…
Initializing Memory Flash..
Initialization successfully completed
Sending loaders…
Mobile Status: SYNC
Reading Flash Info…
EMMC rpmb size: 4 Mb
EMMC boot1 size: 4 Mb
EMMC boot2 size: 4 Mb
EMMC gp1 size: 0 Mb
EMMC gp2 size: 0 Mb
EMMC gp3 size: 0 Mb
EMMC gp4 size: 0 Mb
EMMC user area size: 14910 Mb
eMMC Flash: .15010051.4536334D.42038D05.D348353F
eMMC Flash: Samsung: QE63MB
Internal RAM size: 256 Kb
External RAM size: 2048 Mb
Reading partition…
Reading info…
Manufacturer: HUAWEI
Model: DRA-LX2
Device: HWDRA-M
Android version: 8.1.0
Display ID: DRA-LX2
Searching for signatures…
Switching to high-speed success!
Resetting FRP lock..
Backup saved as HUAWEI_DRA-LX2_08-04-2021_16-00-31.dump file
FRP lock is successfully reseted!
Performed by Software version.

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