infinity box smart card can't detect by latest HCU client

from long time have this problem.
old verison hcu client detect infinity box dongle but
new version can’t detect…
plz solve the problem…

hcu version can detect dongle SN but updates version can’t detect dongle sn

2021-01-13 14:42:13.127 Checking account 0082D35FDC…
2021-01-13 14:42:13.143 Connecting to server…
2021-01-13 14:42:13.768 Connected!

Software too old, please download the latest version!

latest 13-Jan-21 2:45:33 PM
HCU Client v1.0.0.0369 can’t detect dongle SN
many time tried change account type but no dongle detect,
reinstalled smartcard driver, disabled signed driver…..
but no luck…

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