Infinity CM2 Dongle Show Dongle misconfiguration error

=== DongleManager [Infinity] v1.80 [11/21/2020 16:22:59] ===
Card-Reader: Alcor Micro USB Smart Card Reader 0
HWID: 00009D807CF94082
Box/Dongle found: Infinity-Box/Dongle
Serial No (S/N): C3C49D80
Firmware version: 0144.02
=== Process started: 11/21/2020 16:23:01 ===
Connecting to server
Server connection successfully established
Checking DongleManager version…
Your DongleManager is up-to-date
Checking Dongle Identification…
Authenticating on server…
Authentication stage error:
Server answer:[0031] Dongle identification data damaged.
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i do many thing change system uninstall software but not succes

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