infinity software not launching issue

i have fresh windows 10 64 bit
i am unable to launch new exe like mt2,sp2 etc
and old 1.58 exe are working fine
please tell me what i do
here is my dongle details
=== DongleManager [Infinity] v1.80 [2/21/2021 21:17:20] ===
Card-Reader: Alcor Micro USB Smart Card Reader 0
HWID: 0000BB8F7F634082
Box/Dongle found: [BEST] Serial No (S/N): 9138BB8F
Firmware version: 0122.02
"UK Edition" status: Off
Last launched Application: 0031 v.0127
=> Activations:
– 00: Infinity-Box/Dongle v0147
– 03: [BEST] v0122
=> Options:
– Infinity BEST
– Infinity BEST2
i have also hcu dc phonix sctivation and hcu software running ok
only cm2 new exe not running
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