Itell A33 no signal after privacy lock remove

Phone Storage: EMMC
EXE: Avengers Spreadtrum Module 1.3
SELECTED: A33(W5001)
ACTION: Restore factory nvram
Start Detect phone…
Phone must be off with battery inside.
Long press "VOL -" key while inserting usb cable.
For some phones need to
Long press "VOL -"+ "VOL +" key while inserting usb cable.
Keep key untill boot complete.
Detected: SPRD U2S Diag (COM35)
Sending loader, keep boot key untill loader start.
Loader OK: Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1
Changing bautrate OK.
Send Second Loader.
New flash metod detected.
Manufacturer: itel
Hardware: sc7731e_1h10_v1.1.0
Hardware version: SC7731e_2_IRD_K_V1.1.0
Build product name: F3102
Build description: W5001P-user 8.1.0 OPM2.171019.012 412 release-keys
Product name: F3102
Transsion device name: itel A33
Build Id: OPM2.171019.012
Model: itel W5001P
Android Release: 8.1.0
Android Version: W5001P-F3102-8.1-OP-V068-20201013
Security patch: 2020-10-05
This phone have frp partition.
MatchesMask [w_fixnv1] [w_fixnv1] Size to download: 1024 KB
Reading w_fixnv1
IMEI 1: 358481109093740
IMEI 2: 358481109093757
Simlock Type: 4
Protecting IMEI_1 id: 0x5 len: 0x8
Protecting IMEI_2 id: 0x179 len: 0x8
Protecting BlueTooth id: 0x191 len: 0x8
Protecting BandSelect id: 0xD len: 0x1
Protecting WIFI id: 0x199 len: 0x14
Protecting SIMLOCK_SIGN id: 0x1A3 len: 0x280
Protecting SIMLOCK_PK id: 0x1A4 len: 0x228
Protecting SIMLOCK_CUSTOMIZE_DATA id: 0x1F0 len: 0xF5C
Protecting SIMLOCK_USER_DATA id: 0x1F1 len: 0x4D4
Protecting SIMLOCK_NVCONTROL_KEY id: 0x1F2 len: 0x1A0
Protecting SIMLOCK_KEY id: 0x1F4 len: 0xA0
Protecting SIMLOCK_CFG id: 0x7E4 len: 0x2B
Restoring done
Restoring done
Wait untill phone restart.
Log saved:
C:UsersTalat Hussain DarDocumentsspreadtrum_moduleSaved_Logs_358481 109093740_358481109093757_RestoreNvramFactoryPriva cy.txt
Total Time: 00:00:17
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