J106b frp isp

Warning! Device Blocked by FRP
For Reset FRP Try to Tools Tab
Press Reset FRP Button
Partition #26 -> PERSISTENT

Android Info:
Brand = samsung
Vendor = samsung
Device = j1minive3g
Model = SM-J106B
Product = j1minive3g
Platform = sc8830
CPU ABI = armeabi-v7a
Android Version = 6.0.1
Firm Version = MMB29Q.J106BUBU0AQG1
Inc. Version = J106BUBU0AQG1
Firm Date = Tue Jul 4 20:44:12 KST 2017
Security Patch = 2017-07-01
Sams CPU = SC7727SE
Samsung S/N = RV1J40WPWGT

Scanner Thread Terminated
Elapsed: 00:00:06:419
Found 32 Partition(s)..
Scan Done. Init Main Engine…

Resetting EasyJtag Box. Wait..
CMD Pullup Level: 1802 mV
CMD Active Level: 1849 mV
Reader Engine Initialized.. 0/OK
Source: EasyJtag Port [EMMC/SD/MMC] Generation: GPT [QC/SAMS/BCM/INTEL/MTK] Bus Mode: 1BIT
Operation Done: [Init Engine], Elapsed: 00:00:01:650

Reset Google FRP v1.0

Search FRP Partition..
Partition #26 -> ‘PERSISTENT’ is FRP.
Erasing Partition. Please Wait..
Erasing Done
Backup Saved as: C:Program FilesZ3XEmmcManagerBackupFRP_BACKUP_0x00000658 0000_0x000000080000_20210114_134151.bin
Reset FRP Done

Elapsed Time: [00:00:35:093] Operation Done: [RESET FRP], Elapsed: 00:00:35:097

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