N975f emergency calls only

peration: Info
Selected model: SM-N975F
Software version: 41.11

Searching Samsung modem… detected COM41
Reading phone info…
Model: SM-N975F
AP version: N975FXXS6DTK8
CSC version: N975FOXM6DTJ4
CP version: N975FXXS6DTK8
Product code: XSG
Phone SN: RF8M903Z4MX
IMEI: 359904053874202
IMEI2: 358781107661129
Unique number: CE081938C5BA34BE197E
Reading IMEI… OK
IMEI: 359904053874202 (SIGN: NA)
IMEI 2: 358781107661129 (SIGN: NA)

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.41.11

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