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Not fully fit in disk size ???can fix???

Not fully fit in disk size ???can fix???

Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.
UFS Socket Info.
Serial: 0123EC6AXXXXXX
Description: EasyJTAG UFS Socket BGA-153 by EasyJTAG 31.03.20

Identify UFS Chip.
UFS Chip Voltage: Low
VCC: 3302mV
VCCQ2: 1877mV

Chip Info:
Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
ProductName: THGAF8G9T43BAIRB
SerialNumber: 462Q3SDB10
Firmware Version: 3.00
UFS Version: 2.1

Maximum Number of LUs: 32
Number of LUs found: 4
LUN 0 (Boot A):
Block size: 0x1000
Size: 0x400000 / 0,004,000,000B / 4MB
LUN 1 (Boot B):
Block size: 0x1000
Size: 0x400000 / 0,004,000,000B / 4MB
LUN 2:
Block size: 0x1000
Size: 0x800000 / 0,008,000,000B / 8MB
LUN 3:
Block size: 0x1000
Size: 0xEE4000000 / 59,576,000,000B / 59GB
Number of W-LUs found: 1
Block size: 0x100
Size: 0x1000000 / 0,016,000,000B / 16MB
Full size: 0xEE7000000 / 59,624,000,000B / 59GB

Device life time method A: 0x01 (0%-10% device life time used)
Device life time method B: 0x01 (0%-10% device life time used)
Pre End of Life: 0x01 (Used less then 80% of reserved blocks)

Chip config is OTP

Read GPT From LUN3.
Partition info successfully found
—— Detected 71 partitions ——
P0 (VRL) [0x80000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P1 (VRL_BACKUP) [0x100000 0x80000] Size: 512.0KB
P2 (MODEM_SECURE) [0x180000 0x880000] Size: 8.500MB
P3 (NVME) [0xa00000 0x500000] Size: 5.0MB
P4 (CERTIFICATION) [0xf00000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P5 (OEMINFO) [0x1000000 0x6000000] Size: 96.0MB
P6 (SECURE_STORAGE) [0x7000000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P7 (MODEMNVM_FACTORY) [0x9000000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P8 (MODEMNVM_BACKUP) [0xa000000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P9 (MODEMNVM_IMG) [0xb000000 0x2200000] Size: 34.0MB
P10 (HISEE_ENCOS) [0xd200000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P11 (VERITYKEY) [0xd600000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P12 (DDR_PARA) [0xd700000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P13 (LOWPOWER_PARA) [0xd800000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P14 (BATT_TP_PARA) [0xd900000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P15 (RESERVED2) [0xda00000 0x1900000] Size: 25.0MB
P16 (SPLASH2) [0xf300000 0x5000000] Size: 80.0MB
P17 (BOOTFAIL_INFO) [0x14300000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P18 (MISC) [0x14500000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P19 (DFX) [0x14700000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P20 (RRECORD) [0x15700000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P21 (CACHE) [0x16700000 0x6800000] Size: 104.0MB
P22 (FW_LPM3) [0x1cf00000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P23 (RESERVED3) [0x1d000000 0x600000] Size: 6.0MB
P24 (IVP) [0x1d600000 0x300000] Size: 3.0MB
P25 (HDCP) [0x1d900000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P26 (HISEE_IMG) [0x1da00000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P27 (HHEE) [0x1de00000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P28 (HISEE_FS) [0x1e200000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P29 (FASTBOOT) [0x1ea00000 0xc00000] Size: 12.0MB
P30 (VECTOR) [0x1f600000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P31 (ISP_BOOT) [0x1fa00000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P32 (ISP_FIRMWARE) [0x1fc00000 0xe00000] Size: 14.0MB
P33 (FW_HIFI) [0x20a00000 0xc00000] Size: 12.0MB
P34 (TEEOS) [0x21600000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P35 (SENSORHUB) [0x21e00000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P36 (ERECOVERY_KERNEL) [0x22e00000 0x1800000] Size: 24.0MB
P37 (ERECOVERY_RAMDISK) [0x24600000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P38 (ERECOVERY_VENDOR) [0x26600000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P39 (KERNEL) [0x27600000 0x1800000] Size: 24.0MB
P40 (ENG_SYSTEM) [0x28e00000 0xc00000] Size: 12.0MB
P41 (RECOVERY_RAMDISK) [0x29a00000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P42 (RECOVERY_VENDOR) [0x2ba00000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P43 (DTS) [0x2ca00000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P44 (DTO) [0x2cb00000 0x1400000] Size: 20.0MB
P45 (TRUSTFIRMWARE) [0x2df00000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P46 (MODEM_FW) [0x2e100000 0x3800000] Size: 56.0MB
P47 (ENG_VENDOR) [0x31900000 0xc00000] Size: 12.0MB
P48 (MODEM_PATCH_NV) [0x32500000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P49 (MODEM_DRIVER) [0x32900000 0x1400000] Size: 20.0MB
P50 (KPATCH) [0x33d00000 0xc00000] Size: 12.0MB
P51 (RAMDISK) [0x34900000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P52 (VBMETA_SYSTEM) [0x34b00000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P53 (VBMETA_VENDOR) [0x34c00000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P54 (VBMETA_ODM) [0x34d00000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P55 (VBMETA_CUST) [0x34e00000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P56 (VBMETA_HW_PRODUCT) [0x34f00000 0x100000] Size: 1.0MB
P57 (RECOVERY_VBMETA) [0x35000000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P58 (ERECOVERY_VBMETA) [0x35200000 0x200000] Size: 2.0MB
P59 (VBMETA) [0x35400000 0x400000] Size: 4.0MB
P60 (MODEMNVM_UPDATE) [0x35800000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P61 (MODEMNVM_CUST) [0x36800000 0x1000000] Size: 16.0MB
P62 (PATCH) [0x37800000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P63 (PREAS) [0x39800000 0x16800000] Size: 360.0MB
P64 (PREAVS) [0x50000000 0x2000000] Size: 32.0MB
P65 (PRETS) [0x52000000 0x1800000] Size: 24.0MB
P66 (PRETVS) [0x53800000 0x800000] Size: 8.0MB
P67 (SUPER) [0x54000000 0x1d1800000] Size: 7.273GB
P68 (VERSION) [0x225800000 0x24000000] Size: 576.0MB
P69 (PRELOAD) [0x249800000 0x47800000] Size: 1.117GB
P70 (USERDATA) [0x291000000 0xc53000000] Size: 49.296GB
—— Android information ——

Detected LINUX(Android) SUPER : 0x0054000000 (7.273GB)
Unable to mount SYSTEM , code : 95


Not fully fit in disk size

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