P40 pro huawei id success but not success


SigmaKey 2.39.07b1 HiSi: Remove FRP / Huawei ID
HUAWEI USB COM 1.0 (COM298), Provider: HUAWEI Incorporated, Driver ver.:, Date: 10.08.2014, USBVID_12D1&PID_3609&REV_0100
Terms of Remove Huawei ID operation:
1) 90 authorizations will be deducted from your account (non-refundable).
2) The battery must be connected to the phone's board and fully charged.
Do you agree to these terms? [YES] HiSilicon: Kirin 990 5G (P40/P40 Pro)
Phone model: ELS-NX9
Version: ELS-N29
Phone model: ELS-NX9
Build number: ELS-N29
Security area saved to "C:UsersUserDocumentsSigmaKeysecurity backup763454869Huawei_ELS-NX9_ELS-N29 11_0_0_152(C10E1R3P3).skb"
Removing Huawei ID...Done

But id is present

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