Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017) SM-J200G rooting done

Searching device …
Device Found.

Port : COM58 : SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem (COM58)
BaudRate : 115200

Reading Data from device !!
Data Read SuccessFully

Initilizing Protocol ..
Initialization done…

Flashing boot.uat to device…
Please Wait…
boot.uat flashed Successfully…

Rebooting Device into Normal Mode

Note :
1. If Device Hangs on Logo or Boot Loop or
2. Verification failed, the Integrity verification has failed appears on Device Screen

Solution : Just Reset your Device to factory default settings, it will be still Rooted

Searching device …
device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device

Model : SM-J200G
Manufucture : samsung
Android Version : 5.1.1
CPU : armeabi-v7a
Platform : universal3475
Chipset : exynos3475
Product Name : j2ltedd
Hardware : universal3475
Warranty bit : 0
Version SDK : 22
CSC Version : J200FOJV3AQE1
Selinux : enforcing
Security Patch : 2017-08-01
Bootloader : J200GDCU2AQJ2
Baseband Version : J200GDDU2AQI2
Country : UAE
USB Config : mtp,adb
Data Encryption : unencrypted


Superuser.Apk : Not Installed
BusyBox : Not Installed
Su Binararies : WARNING: linker: su: unused DT entry: type 0x6ffffef5 arg 0x1250 WARNING: linker: su: unused DT entry: type 0x6ffffffe arg 0x1894 WARNING: linker: su: unused DT entry: type 0x6fffffff arg 0x2 11.3:Uni-Android_SU
Root Status : ROOTED

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