URGENT; need help with downgrade

hi i have jkm-lx1 base firmware is:

i downgrade with file from support 220 phone stuck in erecovery without showing emergency backup and wipe data..

i flash with 288, 282, 264, phone ok
when i flash with 230 or 220 phone stuck in erecovery.

is there any trick or solution to downgrade to 220, is there any special procedure? thank you in advance.


Checking fastboot device.....OK
Reading info.....OK
Device Model: JKM-LX1
Device Firmware: :JKM-LX1
Base Firmware: :JKM-LGRP2-OVS
Custom Firmware: :JKM-LX1-CUST
Preload Firmware: :JKM-L21X-PRELOAD
Device FB Lock: LOCKED
Device USER Lock: LOCKED
Device Lock: locked

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