Yal-l21 frp

SigmaKey v.2.35.01 build 03
Sigma dongle 2.35, Initializing…OK
Pack 1: Activated
Pack 2: Activated
Pack 3: Activated
Pack 4: Activated
——— 2020-05-21 08:04:14 ———
SigmaKey 2.35.01b3 HiSi: Get device info
Bootloader unlocked: NO
FB unlocked: NO
Battery voltage: 3.68 V
Phone model: YAL-L21
Build number: YAL-L61
Vendor/Country: hw/eea
System version: Skipped
Android version: 10
Base version: YAL-LGRP4-OVS
Custom version: YAL-L61-CUST
Preload version: YAL-L61-PRELOAD
Huawei-Over-the-Air info:
C_version: C431
D_version: D000
PLMN: 28403
BoardID: 8890
DeviceName: YAL-L61
——— 2020-05-21 08:04:47 ———
SigmaKey 2.35.01b3 HiSi: Remove FRP / Huawei ID
Phone model: YAL-L21
Version: :YAL-L61
Preparing…The phone is NOT connected properly. Read the manual at the official site for details.
Note that operation will fail for new Android security patch levels.

HOW to remove FRP

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