ZTE axon M Z999 fail read firmware

ZTE axon M Z999 fail read firmware

Searching Device …

Device on Port : [COM6]

Analyzing Please wait …

SNAP_ID : Snapdragon 821
HW_ID : 0001E0F5000
BLOCK_ID_H : S38000OP2SQN496O49146049SR65Q730
BLOCK_ID_H : 1S626991N8P77O705S62184S335R9100

Executing Boot Please wait… Done
Reading Partition Table…
Read Partition Table Failed!!


why does the operation fail?
If here the writing is successful: https://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f10…-01-a-2590411/

I think that if it can be written … it can also be read, right?

I see that the software they wrote 348010B3014Z999V1.0.0B30 is from AT&T
My cell phone is also AT&T, so why does the firmware reading fail

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